Friday, 20 May 2011

Worst visit ever

Besides being ridiculously tired, today’s been pretty good.  The babies only had 4 screaming fits between them and I managed to hide away in the kitchen for an hour while Anon-o-dad looked after them.  It’s a new silent game between us where you try and slope off and get some much needed baby free time.  Sometimes the person left with Scratchy and baby Itchy gets so sucked into answering their demands that they forget you’re not there.  You can get good half an hour sometimes.

The biggest news is; I heard both babes properly laugh today, which was so lovely that I pulled my best baby play material out of the hat to hear more.  Who’d have thought that pretending to eat them would be such a hit.  But in my enthusiasm for more, I exhausted them and they screamed with over-tiredness – accounting for 2 of the screaming fits (incidentally one was from throwing a large block of cheese in the shopping trolley and scaring the life out of B.  Damn you Cathedral City family pack).  The laughs weren’t those cute gurgles or hearty giggle I’ve heard in adverts and more like Blakey from On The Buses…but never the less adorable.  It’s just as well as the last 3 days have been horrible, I deserved some payback.  Both babies had their first illness (at just over 4 months old) and so have been miserable. Running nose, diarrhoea and generally feeling rotten.   Not only have they both had screaming fits for 4 hours at a time (even with calpol) but they’ve stopped sleeping through the night…torture of all torture.  It had been going so well with; Scratchy sleeping at least 12 hours and Itchy sleeping 8-12 hours in one go.  I just hope it’s a blip as I’m not sure I can go back to 3-4 hourly feeds with twins again.

The worst day was Tuesday when Anon-o-dad’s aunty visited for the first time since they were born.  She doesn’t have children herself and I’m pretty sure she’s celebrating her life choice after a visit at ours.  The visit only lasted 12-3pm but no word of a lie they screamed the entire time.  We tried to engage in conversation at the start but quite quickly it descended into sympathetic looks and awkward glances at her watch.  When she left (and hour earlier than planned) I said “you’re never coming back are you?” and could tell from the non-committal sympathetic laugh that it was true.  We’ll be cast off to one off Christmas visits….or worse just a Christmas cards.  I’ve noticed that we’re loosing one sort of friendships but gaining another since the babies were born.  Energetic, youthful child free friends are fast being replaced by early-night loving, blank staring parents…and it’s fine by me.  I can’t compete with people who have alcohol tolerance and have slept 8 hours anymore.  I drank 2 glasses on Wednesday and still have a headache.

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