Saturday, 7 July 2012

Reasons to appreciate having young twins.

If you follow my blog then you’ll know I’m in that special “Oh for crying out loud” stage of Toddlerhood - 18th months.  They’ve just learnt how to walk, are learning how to use cutlery and have dropped a nap.  It’s basically hell but without the interesting company.  We took them to a restaurant for lunch today and spent the whole time picking up food, trying to discipline them, removing  dangerous items from their wildly waving arms.  So as I sat there watching Anonoman apologise to a fellow dinner for the cauliflower cheese on her shows, I zoned out and thought I must focus on the good to get through the next 6 months.  So here is what I came up with. 
·         When your peers are thinking of, or having their second baby - you don’t have to worry about it.  Look on with your secret smug grin, and know you don’t have to do it again if you don’t want.  And if you do, GO AND GET SOME COUNCELLING.   Twins are an instant family if you want it to be, just add a vasectomy.
·         You can play them off against each other.  If one is eating nicely and the other is lobbing food out of the window, praise the good one and the other will copy. 
·         People always want to talk to you and are interested in your kids.  Great if you just fancy a natter with a stranger, or if you’re happy to talk about your kiddiewinks until the cows come home.  If you’re not so friendly, you’re just TOO BUSY to talk.
·         People always say nice things.  They can’t get their heads round how you do it with two at the same age, so they only ever have nice things to say.  They kind of look at you with awe and amazement...just how I look at mums of triplets.
·         You may not expect this but they very rarely cry at the same time.  They cotton on quickly that it takes energy so, let the other one do it for them.  Or take turns.  This makes life bearable.
·         When they are very young they assume you are praising them, even if it’s their twin you’re talking too.  This is great because they are getting double the confidence boost.
·         No room for extras.  If someone asks for a lift and it’s out of your way, you can legitimately turn them down, there’s no room in the car.
·         You have a direct comparison.  Comes in handy if they’re ill or you’re worried about development etc...just look at the other one to see if it’s out of the ordinary. 
·         The no pram rule doesn’t apply to you.  Take it where ever you like.  How can you leave one in the pram whilst you carry the other, and then get the other one while that one is unsupervised?  You can’ beep beep coming through.
·         You’ll get lots of help from friends, family and strangers.  My friends and family can see I’ve got a lot to do so they just get stuck in and feed a toddler here, change a nappy there.  In public people will often lend a hand.  (Please note, this doesn’t translate to lots of babysitting offers...people don’t mind helping you but they don’t want to be in charge of twins).
·         You can have a ball dressing them up like famous duo’s.  Batman and Robin, Thelma & Louise, Knightrider and Kit.
·         They entertain each other.  I’m yet to fully appreciate this as mine are only 18mths.  But I’m starting to get the odd 15 minutes to myself where they’ll wrap each other up in the curtains, or play the slowest chase game you’ve ever seen.   I can see that not before long they’ll run off together in play areas and I can collapse on the nearest chair and just peace...listening to my own thoughts.  Bliss.
·         They are so frigging cute!  Not only are they beautiful babies, but there’s two of them and they look alike.  It just ramps the cute factor up by 100.
There’s bound to be tons I’ve missed, and I’d love to hear more you have any.


  1. I can relate to this! I also have twins - they're 2 though they're not identical and they came after am older brother. The one thing I would say about your points above is that mine DO cry at the same time and not only that, they see it as a competition as to who can cry loudest, longest and most ferociously. I also started a blog a couple of months ago Keep it up!

    1. Mine must be lazy! Loved the blog, posted

  2. I used to wear ear defenders at the double crying moments when mine were tiny. It brings the blood pressure down like nothing else and they thought I looked hilarious so it diffused the screechy atmosphere. Another good part of having twins: mine are 3 and a half and they play together really well (bar the occasional tussle!), so I get a it more headspace than if I only had one with me at home. It's still physically tiring, but they are much more self-entertaining (and in the bath, self-cleaning....) than one on its own.

    1. Ear Defenders, genious! I used to put mine in the pram with the rain covers on because it turns out they were sound proof too. Or, to take the stress out of the situation, I'd put my hands over their mouths at short intervals so they made a wah wah wah sound.

      Self cleaning? I'm clearly doing something wrong :)

  3. I don't compare mine, as far as possible. My ID twin girls have hugely different personalities! And, Hubby does EXACTLY what I've read about in previous blogs of yours - although half the week I feel like I'm a single Mum to twins (Chefs work CRAZY hours, so I literally do not see him on the days he works).

    Two at Two is not easy, but I've joined the local twins club, and I have friends locally with kids (and another 2 sets of twins on my road!) - we get told it gets easier, but I'm a firm believer in the fact it just gets different!

    Keep up the Blog! It's great to read about other Mummys, helps you realise you aren't the only one being driven slowly mad...

  4. Thanks Mrs B. I'm inclined to agree with you. It doesn't get easier you just swap one annoying thing for another. I have though of joining a local twins club but that's as far as I've got. I do have a good friend with twins, and good to comapre notes with her.

    Thanks again