Thursday, 13 September 2012

But Why? Get your own back and ask lots of questions

I was tagged by the must follow lilandreal over at Five's a Fellowship to join in with "But Why"?  It was started by Mummy Central and is an opportunity to ask a load of questions back to our kids after how in-exhaustible their questions can be.  

My Questions
Why do you slap your food repeatedly like its a basketball?

Why are you still waking up at night?

Why when I come to you at night do you think it's play time, when we've NEVER played at night?

Why are you ill on a Wednesday when it's your day to go to nursery?

Why do you always try and pick my mole?

Why do you take your shoes and socks off in the car?

Why were such incredible children given to me?

Why do I give myself such a hard time?

Why do I dedicate so much time to worry?

Why am I addicted to biscuits?

Why do you LOVE broccoli?

Why do you like cheese and pasta but refuse to eat macaroni cheese?

Why is giggle-time always 5 o'clock

Why are you shy with people you know well?

Why don't you like McDonalds?

Why do you like In the Night Garden so much?  

Why do I like In The Night Garden?

Why do you poke each other in the eye?  

Why when you've had me up several times in the night, I instantly forgive you when I see your cheeky faces in the morning?

The Rules
1. Post your whys – as few or as many as you like
2. Link up your post with Mummy Central and post a comment if you can
3. Tag 5 bloggers to keep this going
4. If you’re not a blogger, leave your whys as a comment below. We’d love to read them
5. Show your support by reading a few others and commenting on them

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