Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Bug-tastic day out

There’s nothing like a Saturday with no Anonoman to motivate me to find something to do with the 2 yr old twins…and to rope someone else in to help it go quicker smoothly.

I’d found my victims companions in the shape of my sister and her 2 children and all we needed to do was think of somewhere to go.  You probably know the scenario, the weather’s drab which counts out anything outdoorsy.  Play areas are cramped hyperactive germ fests.  Shopping outlets are boring places for kids, which leaves you scratching your head for something different but appropriate for adults and kids that doesn’t involve a museum (yawn) or the same thing you did last weekend.

Well, we found the perfect thing.  Bugtopia at Greentrunks Garden Centre in Great Cransley, Kettering Northants.  If that’s too far for you, see if there’s something similar in your area because it’s well worth it

It’s like a zoo for bugs, snakes, spiders etc and a big hit with our kids (aged 2-7).  We went to a talk in their Bugtopia hut which lasted about an hour and we got to hear about all the creepy crawlies there, and *gulp* handle them. My two year olds got to hold stick insects, cockroaches, spiders and snakes.  They also stroked a Carnelians and some other strange creatures (which I don’t know the name of because I missed that bit during the couple of tantrums we had - hence the pram).  They were braver than me.  I body swerved the cockroaches and spiders, conveniently finding something mumsey to do at that point.  Indiana Jones, who was our bugtastic guide (so nicknamed by me due to the authentic jungle get up he was wearing) was very passionate about the beasties, and it was kind of infectious.  He was also wonderful with all the kids and accommodating with the odd tantrum too.  The other highlight was hearing we couldn’t see one of the spiders because it had a leg missing, and then spotting what suspicious looked like a spiders leg on the floor a few minutes later.  It could have been a twig.  Had-to-be-there moment I guess).

It was completely different to what we usually do, and very reasonable too (£3.50 per person).  I’d definitely recommend doing this if you have kids aged 2 +.  I’ve not been asked to write this, I just genuinely had a good time and think they deserve a few more visitors.  It also has a small play area and a cafĂ© that does a mean toastie.

Check it out.  (Indiana is the guy on the “contact us” page who has a *clears throat* handful)