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360° Any Way Up Cup.
I’ll be honest, the whole subject of getting my 19 month old twins to drink fluids has been an uphill struggle from the get go.  Right from breastfeeding, to finding a bottle they’d use (not uncommon with babies who’ve spent time in the Neonatal unit as they get used to the hospital teats), through to moving them onto sippy cups.  To say they are fussy drinkers is like asking if a bear goes in the woods.  So I was interested to see how they would react to the new 360° Any Way Up Cup designed for toddlers (18mth +) as it’s quite different to anything else they’ve used so far.

To be honest, I had my fingers crossed they’d like it because I already did.  We had already tried the simple cups with the spouts, but they’re more interested in dribbling it on the carpet and laughing at me when say “no”.  I’m telling you, it’s families like mine that keep carpet cleaners in business.  Then we moved onto the non spill cups which were less messy, but I found them fiddly to clean.  Recently I’ve stumbled on an article at that says “until 2 years old children don’t have motor skills to use a regular cup consistently...but it shouldn’t stop you from letting your child practice before that”.  So Itchy & Scratchy are the right age to move onto the next stage and from what I can see, the 360 Any Way Up Cup is perfect way to do this without any of the mess.  It’s got my carpets vote.
How did they get on?  Pretty well, actually.  Itchy got it on the third try and Scratchy the fourth time – which is good going for my kids.  But what I’m most pleased about with the 360° Any Way Up cup is, they are drinking more than they ever have with any other sippy cups.  Great for their hydration levels.  I can tell they’re a bit disappointed they can’t make a mess, but It won’t be long before they redirect their mischievous activities I’m sure.
So what else is there to know?  The 360° Any Way Up Cup is BPA free, dishwasher safe (top shelf) and microwave save (without lid).  It holds 210mls which is a good amount for my little ones as they can’t yet control the larger cups very well.  It also has handles, which my kids prefer as they can drink one handed, or drag it around with them while they simultaneously play with toys.  It’s easy to clean and to put back to together.
If you’re interested in learning more or buying one to help your toddler progress from sucking to sipping, then go to  or you could win one in their facebook competition before 27th Aug 2012.  Go to for details. was given this product free to review. only reviews products that she would genuinely use for herself or her family.  Favourable reviews are only given if has had a positive experience with the product and all comments are honest and original.

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